Aquaman #25 Review


Geoff Johns’ final issue.

Aquaman has always been one of my favorite series since the New 52.  Geoff Johns does a wonderful job with the character, and he’s no longer the laugh stock he always was.  Well, everything good has to come to an end, and Johns ends his run on Aquaman as of this issue.  While there are many things Johns can do with the series, Aquaman #25 is still a great finale for Johns’ run.

The issue ends Arthur’s conflicts with the Dead King, and it’s definitely a grand battle.  Arthur decides to team up with Vulko again, and bring the Trench along with them.  It does a wonderful job tying all Johns storylines together from the past two years.

Aquaman and Mera are the DC couple of New 52.  They’re great together, and their love stories can put other DC couples to shame.  The ending was depressing at first, but Mera really shines a light into Aquaman’s life.  Also, the epilogue hints something greater for the future, and it’s only a matter of time Johns will return to Aquaman.


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