One Piece Chapter 720 Review


Prisoner Gladiators

Remember last week I said that we’re getting a story-centric episode this week?  I was right and the story moves forward this week.  This is the type of One Piece I like.

I big revelation this week is that Bartolomeo is a big fan of Luffy’s.  He saw Luffy at Louge Town when he’s saved by lighting, and he’s been following his news ever since.  Also like I said last week, Chinjao now respects Luffy and wants him to take Happo Navy under his wing.  Oda has been slowly shaping Straw Hat Pirates into a bigger and more influential pirates a lot like Red Hairs or even White Beard’s.  Luffy first claimed Fishmen Island as his territory, then formed an alliance with Heart Pirates.  Now he has a strong fan like Bartolomeo and even possibly Happo Navy under his wing?  The Straw Hate Pirates are stronger than ever.

The conversation between Luffy and Black Beard is surprisingly pleasant.  Luffy has really grown since the Paramount War and he understands that there’s no need to raise voice when unnecessary.  Black Beard is clearly going to be the main threat between Luffy and the legendary treasure.  The day that fight finally comes is going to be epic.

I don’t know what’s the deal with Rebecca and those gladiators prisoners.  All I know is that Rebecca needs to put some cloth on, and her appearance is really a distraction to the story.  Kind of good distraction.


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