Justice League #23.1: Darkseid Review


I have a weak spot for origin stories.

Okay, I admit, I never really know about Darkseid’s origin.  I’m not going to compare the origin depicted here with the pre-New 52 one.  The story here is great, compelling and straight to the point.  You will wish this is a graphic novel, and not a single issue.

The story allows us to see Darkseid’s transformation and how he becomes the ruler of Apokolips.  The issue also let us know how the New Gods come to be in this universe.  It’s a simple story, but full of rich characters and possibilities.  It really helps us better known the world and the relation between characters.

Now we know that Darkseid and Highfather are related, it certainly makes the world more interesting.  However, while the story of how Darkseid and New Gods come to be is great graphic novel material, that’s only the first half of the book.  The second half becomes kind of boring, and I wasn’t quite clear what Darkseid is doing at the final panel.  If Pak can focus on Darkseid more at the second half of the book, then it would be a much better issue.

A graphic novel about Darkseid might be a good idea after all.


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