Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1: Ventriloquist Review


Old Villain, new take.

The New 52 gives us a new version of The Ventriloquist.  The original Ventriloquist is an old man who can only talk through a dummy.  This version gives us a young woman who has a lot of emotional problem, and control the dummy through her telekinetic ability.  I’m always open for revamp and such, but a villain with supernatural ability just doesn’t seem fit for Batman.

The issue follows the same format as other Batman villain books such as Poison Ivy and Two-Face.  We see what she’s doing during the catastrophic event and with that, flashback to her origin.  Gail Simon first introduced the character back in her own Batgirl title, and it’s great to see her giving the character more depth in this issue.

A creepy origin issue to a new character.  The character is doing pretty well so far, and hope it can further proven the character revamp is necessary.  Kind of miss Arnold Wesker though.


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