Pokemon X & Y Has Some Great News

Original Kanto Starters, Mega Evolution, and new ways to import your Pokemon.

The newest Pokemon Direct has many news revealed.  There will be a way to transfer Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 to the upcoming games through an app called Pokemon Transporter.  You will only require one system, and you can transfer Pokemon in batches.  A very handy way to transfer.

Remember, the transfer will be one way only.


Another app called Pokemon Bank.  An online storage for your Pokemon so you can easily transfer Pokemon between you Pokemon x & Y games.  The app will provide you 100 boxes and let you store up to 3,000 Pokemon.  You can also search through boxes based on type, species and other features.

However, you have to pay annual fee to use the app.  It’s unknown how much in the US, but 500 yen in Japan.  The first 30 days is free trail, but I guess paying is essential.  It’s said that Pokemon Bank is needed to complete transfer from Pokemon Transporter.

Last but not least, it’s also announced that original Kanto Starters will be available in this game as well!  It’s unknown how to get them yet, but Nintendo also revealed their Mega Evolution appearance:

1174755_513768852042740_287649812_nCheck out the trailer below for the Kanto Starters in action.

The game seems better and better than ever!