Wolverine and the X-Men #35 Review


Hellfire Saga part 5 of 5.

The Hellfire Saga comes to an end, and the event turns out to be cleaning up the mess given before the series takes part of the Marvel NOW! movement.  The event has been kind of boring, but I’m glad the ending is good.

The issue does a wonderful job tying up loose ends here and there.  The issue can be the final for the series if it wants to, but it does a successful having us asking for more.  I’m not going to ruin the final panels, cause even I’m not too sure what they mean.  Let’s just say that a certain deceased X-Men might make a return soon.

Jason Aaron is great at detailing teenagers emotions, and other writers currently writing teen heroes books should learn a thing or two from him (*cough* Scott Lobdell*).  Idie and Kid Omega share a wonderful moment together, and not out of place at all.  My only problem with Aaron’s writing is that he can put too many voices in one small scene and it can get too crowded.  Other than that, one of the best writer out there.

Now the Jean Grey School is entering a new era, we can only guess what’s going to happen next.  But before that, Battle of the Atom.


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