The Last of US New Multiplayer Mode Revealed



The Last of Us has a new mode of multliplayer called “Interrogation.”  The gameplay is complicated, you have to find and raid your opponent’s safe by interrogating fallen players with special executions.  Your team must collectively interrogate five opponents to find the location of their lockbox, and interrogations take longer than other execution, so it will leave you open to attacks.

The Interrogation mode will come with 1.03 patch, so it’s completely free.  The patch will also fix the following problems:

  • When reviving a teammate, your range has been increased.
  • Item bin locations have been rebalanced in some places.
  • Special executions can now be halted by teammates.
  • Matchmaking has been improved.
  • Item spawns have been tweaked to not give teams too many items.

It’s unknown when the patch will be released.