Nintendo 2DS Announced


I thought April Fool’s was back in April…

Nintendo announced the 2DS today, a entry-level handheld system.  What does that mean?  It’s a system aimed for younger gamers, since the 3D effect is not good for kids’ eyes 7 years or younger.

The 2DS come with slate-like design, and it’s fully capable of playing 3DS and DS game without the 3D ability.  It has all the features of a 3DS with some tweaks including a slider that puts the device to sleep, and a control in software to turn off the WiFi.

The 2DS will be available October 12th for $129.99.  It will come with a 4GB SD card and power source.  There’re two cameras on the back, so AR game still be played, and 3D pictures can be taken as well- you just have to view it in 3D on a regular 3DS.  The 2DS only comes with one speaker, so the sound is mono.  However, you can still enjoy a stereo sound via headphone.

What do you think about the new handheld?  I really thought it was a joke at first.  Well, you can check out the trailer below first before you made your decision.

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