Gintama 3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi-Sensei Statue

The lazy-eye teacher is the king of the parody

MegaHouse is releasing a statue based on Ginpachi-Sensei from Gintama’s parody piece- 3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi Sensei.  The piece is based on classic Japanese drama 3-Nen b-Gumi kinpachi-sensei where a teacher Kinpachi-Sensei leads a group problematic high school students, and we learn life lessons from them.

The statue Ginpachi Sensei is actually played by Gintoki of Gintama series.  He has smoking lolly-pop in his mouth, and a textbook for child and Shonen Jump in the hand.  You can also switch his books for strawberry cake if necessary.

The figure will start pre-ordering September 2nd, and release in January 2014 for 8,820 yen.