One Piece Figuarts Zero Sanji Battle Ver. Diable Jambe Flambage Shot

Another Sanji Figuarts Zero.

Bandai is releasing a new One Piece Figuarts Zero- Sanji Battle Ver. This time Sanji is performing his Diable Jambe move Flambage Shot!  Sanji first uses this move during the Enies Lobby arc as the finishing move against Jabra.

By the way, the figure has Sanji in his new appearance, but to my knowledge he hasn’t use the move after the time-skip yet.

While it’s a shame that this is the second Sanji Battle Ver. already and we haven’t have other Straw Hat Battle Ver. yet (Chopper, Robin, Brook and Franky), this is still a pretty cool figure.

The figure is set to release December this year for 3,675 yen.