Dini & Quinones’ Black Canary/Zatanna Project Release Date Announced


I met Paul Dini before, such a nice guy.

Comics Alliance reported that the overdue, highly anticipated project by writer Paul Dini called Black Canary/Zatanna will be avialbe in May 2014.  The title is originally called Bloodspell, but it’s unknown if the name will remain or not.

Written by Paul Dini and drawn by Joe Quinones, the 94-page original graphic novel finds the fan-favorite DC Comics heroines in their more traditional looks and teaming up to bring down a new threat who puts both of their fantastic abilities to the test.  The project was first announced by Dini years ago when the artist are supposed to be Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  The project then delays when DC hit the reboot button with the New 52.

Here what the story is about: Black Canary defeats some supernatural villain who swears to revenge Canary from beyond the grave.  A year later when the members of Birds of Prey are defeated by a supernatural force and Canary has no choice but to enlist Zatanna’s help.  The story will be the first time Black Canary and Zatanna team up.

It’s unknown if the story will take place in the current or New-52.  By looking at the art above, it would seem that it takes place pre-52.  While I don’t really care which timeline the story takes place in, it would be nice to see this long- awaited story matters to the current continuity.

Comics Alliance also has the first look at some of the pages.  Check them out: