Justice League of Canada Announced

Justice League

Our heroes are moving up North of the border!

DC Comics announced that Justice League of America series will officially become Justice League of Canada in Spring 2014.  Toronto Star, interviewed writer Jeff Lemire and states:

This is like my ultimate dream job. It sounds like a joke and something like this would never happen, but it is actually happening,” Lemire says.

Lemire then talks about the stereotype of Canadian superheroes, “it’s not a hockey rink, I promise. Although, of course, it did cross my mind. “

“It’s not really like Alpha Flight, as we’re not creating a bunch of very Canadian characters,” Lemire says. “Like those characters are all almost clichéd Canadian archetypes. This is still very much set in the regular Justice League universe and the team will still have some of the bigger named superheroes, but they will actually be located in Canada now, and there will be a couple of new members who are Canadian. So obviously as a Canadian, and as a Canadian storyteller, it’s something I’m very proud of.

The story will also re-introduce Adam Strange to the world of New 52 as Canadian.  There will also be a brand new young Canadian character which Lemire teases to “reflect a real part of [Canadian] cultural identity.

While I think it is a cool idea to have Justice League of Canada, I don find it sad that the Justice League of America book is getting replace though.  People were making such a big deal with that series, but it ends so quickly…