Simon Pegg Teases Ant-Man Movie

Update 8-18-2013: Simon Pegg answered our question, and it turns out he wasn’t hinting anything- he’s just supporting his friend’s new movie.

Here’s the tweet:

FFS the Internet, all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I’m excited for him.

Original post follows:

What’s going on????

So yesterday Simon Pegg tweeted this image:


While it’s not clear what he meant with this tweet, but it might be a hint that he’s going to appear in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie.  Also, notice how he points at the Ant-Man himself?  Could it be another hint that he’s going to be Ant-Man in such movie?

It wouldn’t be so unbelievable to have Pegg feature in this movie.  Wright is one of those director who really like to collaborate with actors he worked before, and he has Pegg starred in three feature films already.  However, everything is still for speculations.  We will find out soon enough.

What do you think Simon Pegg as Hank Pym?  Let us know!