Sadako X Hello Kitty

This cat just wouldn’t stop whoring around, huh?

Hello Kitty has been teaming up with different franchises such as Street Fighter, One Piece, Space Invaders and The Scream.  However, none of them are as ridiculous as Hello Kitty teaming up with Sadako- the ghost from The Ring franchise.  There will be a lot of merchandises such as cell phone charm, towel, mirror and cell phone case.

Sadako is made famous again with the recent release of Sadako 3D the movie.  And on August 30th Japan is releasing Sadako 2.  By the way, the first movie is available now on Netflix, but I don’t suggest you watching it.  It really, really sucks.

Cell phone charm plus movie ticket: 2,430 yen
Cell phone case: 2,000 yen
Folder: 700 yen
Towel: 800 yen
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Mirror: 1,260 yen