BioShock Infinite DLC “Clash in the Clouds” Review


The first of 3 BioShock Infinite DLC is out already!

It’s been months since BioShock Infinite was released, and we’ve been waiting for the DLC ever since.  However, with all the success of the game, Clash in the Clouds falls short from the anticipation.  This is not the DLC we’re looking for.

Clash in the Clouds is a typical first-person shooting game where players have to defeat waves and waves of enemies.  While all kind of weapons and Vigors are free to use, players can also take up the Blue Ribbon Challenges and limited themselves to a certain condition to win the game.  The DLC also features some new voxophones for better understanding of the story.

The thing about BioShock franchise is that I always forgot it is a first-person shooting game disguises as… something else.  I actually really dislike first-person shooting games, but BioShock always has such rich stories and setting, I’m willing to overlook it.  However, Clash in the Clouds doesn’t really have any stories, and all players do is shooting enemies after enemies.  The gameplay becomes dull and repetitive quickly.  The goal of the game is to finish sixty challenges across four maps, and fifteen waves each.  However, the game doesn’t have a save feature, and every time you stop you have to start from first wave again.  It’s really like playing video game from the early 90s.

The ending of the game, however, is very interesting.  I’m not going to spoil it here, but I really hope Irrational Games can give us an explanation on what happened.  If you’re too lazy to finish the game (like me), you can check out the ending here.