More News on Pokemon Mega Evolutions and Other Details

More details on Mega Evolutions. 

Following yesterday’s post, Nintendo has released more information to support the news from yesterday, and English names of the new Pokemons.

Here’s a new trailer Nintendo released:

Mega Evolutions is a super powerful form that will increase Pokemon’s strength, and change their appearance, abilities and even type.  Mega Evolutions can only appear during battles, and once the battle is over, the Pokemon will return to their original state.  The evolution is done by something called Mega Stone, and you can find it throughout Pokemon X & Y.

We also learn details on Super Training Facility.  It’s a mini-game like new feature for Pokemon to gain experience outside of battle.  It appearantly can increase Pokemon’s base stats, including HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Seed States.  This will definitely improve on Pokemon trainings.

Here are the names of the new Pokemons.  Dedenne, an Electric and Fairy type that has the ability to double up on berry benefits. Bunnelby (Horubii), a Normal type Pokemon, and Skiddo (Meekuru), the pre-evolution of Gogoat.


Koruni, the gym leader, has an English named now called Korinna.  She’s also revealed to be the gym leader of Shalour City.  However, we still don’t know what type she specials in.

Last, it’s also confirmed that the Torchic distribution will be available fro North America as well.

Now I know the details of Mega Evolutions, it does sound cool.  Now I’m super excited about it.  Can October come soon?

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