One Piece Unlimited World: Red With Limited 3DS XL


The not so unlimited One Piece 3DS XL.

We talked about One Piece Unlimited World: Red before, and now the second trailer has released alongside the news that they will be limited One Piece 3DS XL with the release of the game.  What?

There will be 2 limited 3DS XL.  One is red and black with fellow Straw Hat members on it.  The other one is pink with Chopper and his hats on it.  They’re both really, really awesome.

I’m still not really sure what the game is about, but it’s clear that battle system is not the main focus, and it still looks like Monster Hunter game where players collecting items.

Pre-ordering the game gives you new outfits and an extra mission to break Ace out of the Marineford.



Also, by purchasing different 3DS XL hardware will give you different downloadable content.


This one will give you Luffy in his Strong World outfit.



The cute Chopper pink 3DS XL will give Chopper a cute outfit.

rJqWpJ6bkaeVqKkIt’s also revealed that the game will be out this November 21st for 5,980 yen.  The set with limited 3DS XL will be 25, 980 yen.

Check out the new trailer below: