Japan Shonen Jump Fireworks


Why is Japan so awesome?

Few days ago, Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture, a famous Japanese summer festival has their tradition fireworks celebration.  The difference this time?  They have special Shonen Jump fireworks to celebrate 45th anniversary of Shonen Jump.


The 7 series chosen are One Piece, Torkio, Dragon Ball, Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (Assassination Classroom), Naruto, Gintama and Kochikame.  It’s sad to see that Bleach loses its popularity, but it’s great to see Assassination Classroom make it big for being new.

The followings are what the fireworks are supposed to look like:


Luff’y straw hat and Korosensei’s smiley face.


Naruto’s Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken and Elizabeth from Gintama.


Four-Star Dragon ball and Ryo-san’s eyebrow.


The delicious meat-with-bone from Toriko.

Now check out the video below for the fireworks.  It’s really beautiful: