Check out The Unproduced Legend of Zelda Film

Another causality of the Super Mario Bros. movie…

Imagi Studios, the animation company responsible for the CG animation of both TMNT and Astro Boy films, produced this concept reel back in 2007 to show Nintendo that they could bring Legend of Zelda to big cinema.  While the film never make it to the big screen, the reel has now be found online.  Check it out below:

Seems pretty good.  However, ever since the Super Mario Bros. movie, Nintendo has been very scared about producing another one of their video game into movies.  Maybe Nintendo should really consider their policy, and get on with the programs already.

Everyone wants a Legend of Zelda movie.

2 Replies to “Check out The Unproduced Legend of Zelda Film”

  1. That looked like it had a lot of potential! I like the art for it, too! The key to a Zelda movie would be a unique storyline, not just an adaptation of one of the games. I think it could make a good TV show if done right: Link travels to different towns, helps people, makes friends, slays enemies, crawls through dungeons, and does plenty of things that would make a good show.

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