Danbo Everyday Items Revealed

I want every single one of them!

Toy company Taito is releasing an everyday Danbo item each month for 3 months starting July.  The items are really awesome, and they have Danbo face on it.  Check them out below:


The first item is 1:1 ratio Danbo storage box.  It comes with two kind with either “Danger” or “Secret” written on it.  The box will release in July for two in a set and price of 2,100 yen.



The second item is file holder.  It comes with a set of two designs, one has nothing written on it, one with “Fragile” written.  The set of file holder will release in August for a price of 1,900 yen.


The third item is a speaker.  It’s similiar to the versions released by Kotobukiya and Kaiyodo before.  It will be release in September and for 1,500 yen.