The Simpsons Coming to Cable



The Simpsons is finally coming to cable television after 25 years on FOX, and episdoes from previous seasons will air as early as next year.

According to a report by TV Guide, Twentieth Television is currently preparing to shop the longest-running animated series to cable for the first time.  Back in 1993 when Simpsons was first into broadcast, it was a different time where most TV are live-action shows.  No one thought the show would survive this long, but now it’s a culture icon with 25th season and no ending is sight.

So now the problem is which cable network The Simpsons will go to.  FX is a most likely choice and Turner is another possible option- the company already has syndication rights to FOX’s other animated shows such as Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill.  On the other hand, News Corp. COO Chase Carey has hinted that an all-Simpsons channel is also possible.

Overall, whoever gets the right to syndicate The Simpsons will be a major get with all 530 episodes across all of its channels.

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