TMNT Classic Series 3 Announced and Images

When good news comes, it comes in 3.

Playmates Toys announced a new series of Classic TMNT figures.  The first series is the 4 turtles, and the second series is Bebop and Rocksteady.  Now they’re releasing the 3rd series, which is based on the turtles in their movie appearances.


It’s unknown if all 4 turtles will be released in this series, and now we only have images of Leo.

Also, Playmate Toys states that both Classic version of Shredder and Splinter are most likely going to release by the end of 2014.  However, a lot are depending on how well this line continues to sell.

Check out the images below, courtesy of Toy News International.





One Reply to “TMNT Classic Series 3 Announced and Images”

  1. i can almost hear Cam “Liquid Snake” Clarke say “We were awesome!”

    …but then again, Leo never was the one with memorable lines~ >[:p