Good Smile Company’s Attack on Titan Figures

It’s about time.

Attack on Titan has been a huge, explosive hit since the animation debut, and I’ve been wondering when the figures are releasing.  I’m pretty sure there was a “rights to the toy” war going on in Japan, and it seems like Good Smile Company has won the majority right to release figures based on the hit animated series.

Here are some figures that Good Smile Company is releasing under their popular toy lines:

  • figma: Good Smile Company is releasing figma figures of Mikasa, Eren and Colossal Titan.



Levi is announced as well, but no actual figure yet.


  • Nendoroid: Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid series is the best, and they’re releasing Mikasa, Eren and Colossal Titan as well.





Mikasa is not colored yet, and Eren doesn’t even have physical figure yet.  Not sure if the last figure is part of Colossal Titan Nendoroid, but I’m sure planning on getting it.

They also announced Scaled Figure for Mikasa.


That’s it for now for Good Smile Company’s releases on Attack on Titan figures.  These are all pretty cool, and I really want to get them all.  Good job Good Smile Company, but can you guys please release a Sasha figure too?