Toshio Asakuma × One Piece Miniature Mascot Keychain


Animal versions of the Straw Hat Pirates.  Wait, isn’t Chopper an animal already?

Remember when Eiichiro Oda and Toshio Asakuma collaborate to celebrate the 15th anniversary of One Piece?  The animal versions of Straw Hat members are so popular, now they’re releasing keychains based on the popular collaboration.

The wave comes with Luffy the monkey, Chopper the lesser panda, Zoro the tiger, Sanji the big horn and Usopp the chameleon.  Each keychains also come with a wood board with their personal pirate flag on it.  It’s a wonderful collection for all One Piece fans.

The keychains will be released as Gashapon and 300 yen for each play.  It will be released in August.