Pop-up Pirate 5x Version


You played this game before?

Pop-Up Pirate, or  Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu (Blackbeard in Danger) is a popular Japanese party game.  Players take turns by putting the wooden sword into the holes on the barrel.  Whoever puts it into the correct spot and ejects the pirate loses.  It’s a fun, and simple game for friends and families to enjoy.  However, the early rules state that the winner is actually the person who ejects the pirate instead.  The rule was changed when a Japanese game show features the toy, and states the person loses when the pirate ejects.  Later, the official toy company changes the rule accordingly.

Now Japan is releasing Pop-Up Pirates 5x Version where the pirate ejects 5 TIMES higher than the regular version!  It will for sure bring more excitement to the gameplay.

The toy will be released on July 11th, and for 3129 yen ($33).


5xs higher, 5xs the fun


The rules

Over the years, the game has released different variations of the game.  This including a Buzz Lightyear Version, Captain Jack Sparrow Version (perfect!) and an adult version.