Japanese Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL

Let’s go to Japan now.

Nintendo has revealed two Pokemon X & Y themed 3DS XL only avaialbe in Japan.  The two versions are “Xerneas and Yveltal Blue” and “Premium Gold”  The decides will be released on October 12th, and packaged with a Pokemon X & Y game, a 4GB memory card, a stylus and six AR cards.

As always, Nintendo has no news on the western release of the systems.

If you could get the system, which one will you choose?  Personally, I want to get the Premium Gold one.

Check out the images below:



2 Replies to “Japanese Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL”

  1. while many third party (and sometimes even first party) game covers tend to be too colorful & gaudy for my personal tastes, a number of Nintendo’s special edition handhelds have some beautifully minimalist & graphic designs, with this blue one being particularly drool worthy (and i’m not even that into pokemon!)

    *sigh* even if North American Pokemon s.e. 3DS’s are release, it would be little surprise to me if the adorning art has 150 colors exploding at one’s retina. (often enough, i prefer the Japanese Final Fantasy games’ box art over their American counterparts… it is wrong of me to say this on the 4th of July??) such are general cultural views on aesthetics, i suppose.

    that being said, happy 4th, ppl! >[:D

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