Damian Wayne will Return This October


It’s only a matter of time.

It’s revealed that Damian will make a return in a 4-issue mini-series in October called Damian: Son of Batman, written and illustrated by Andy Kubert.  However, the story is kind of like an Elseworlds story where it explores the possible future similar to Batman #666 where Damian has taken the mantle of Batman.

Kubert states: “I had a big affinity for Damian when I drew Batman issue #666. I really liked that Batman and always wanted to revisit him. Damian is a bit different than the ‘Bruce Wayne’ Batman. Grant Morrison tweaked his character in a way that made it very endearing for me to draw. And to write. Basically, what I’m doing is exploring the path that Damian has taken to become Batman. I think readers will see him in a different light than before.

There’s no official image yet for the upcoming mini series.  The series will be released October 30th.