Chogokin One Piece Franky Shogun


I need this!!!

Bandai is finally releasing the highly anticipated Chogokin One Piece  Franky Shogun!  The figure is maad of super alloy metal, and stands over 9″ tall- it’s about the size of a P.O.P. figure!

The figure has high articulation points in elbows, knees, hips, shoulders and neck.  There’s even a giant katana soward attaches to the back and can be wield by Franky Shogun.  The hatch in the torso opens up and reveals a little Franky figure operating the robot.

The figure will also come with Black Rhino IV Cycle and the Brachio Tank V.  The two vechiles that combine into Franky Shogun.  I first thought that you can actually combine the two into the giant robot, but that’s not the case.  Oh well, this is better than nothing anyway.

The giant figure will be released later in October, and will be 26,250 yen.  That’s about $260.  I have to clear some shelf space for this guy.






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