2013 SDCC Exclusive 1/6 Scale Super Alloy: The New 52 Superman Figure

A new Super Alloy Superman figure is announced for 2013 SDCC.  Read below for more info:

Below the specifications that are bolded indicate the features that are exclusive to the Comic-Con version compared to the regular version. Also, the SDCC Exclusive Super Alloy figures comes with an Outer Dress Box that says “SDCC Exclusive.”

This figure will be sold at the Yes Anime booth #4729.


– Approximately 12 inches in height.
– Developed based on computer 3D model from DC Comics, ensuring accuracy of proportions.
– More than 80% die-cast metal material.
– Showroom gloss and matte metallic paints.
– One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman.
– One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman with angered expression.
– One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman with laser beam eyes.
– Each head sculpt is individually hand-painted, with authentic, detailed and comic accurate facial features.
– Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs.
– Figurine with more than 25 points of articulation.
– Double jointed elbows and knees.
– Ball jointed wrists and groin.
– Double jointed body, bendable at upper torso.
– Spring-loaded articulated waist.
– Ball jointed ankles with bendable boot front.
– One (1) pair of relaxed hands.
– One (1) pair of fists.
– One (1) pair of flying pose hands.
– One (1) pair of semi-clenched hands.
– One (1) pointing hand.
– One (1) holding-fist hand.
– One (1) cape with posable inner wire.
– One (1) cape without wire for flowing cape effect.
– Red LED light in head with laser beam eyes (batteries included).
– Die-cast remote control to control LED light in head with laser beam eyes only (batteries included).
– Crystal Fortress base with lights and fan to simulate flowing cape (batteries included, not controlled by remote).
– Three (3) Krytonian crystals – red, green and blue – which can be inserted in the control console of the Crystal Fortress base.
– Base stand with claw comes with adjustable height.
– Foldable backdrop with plastic angle supports to enhance display of figurine.
– Packaging comes with metal plate logo..
– Microfibre cleaning cloth for cleaning off fingerprint marks on alloy parts.
– Tests performed – Oxidation, paint chipping, paint fading, electronic and battery tests.