Robert Downey Jr. Will Return as Iron Man


Stop worrying guys!  The world is good now.  

For the longest time, there’s a contract issue between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studio, and it’s said that the star will not return as Iron Man for future movies.  It worries fans everywhere, and now things are finally looking up.

It’s announced today that RDJ has officially signed up for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3.  The details of the deal is not clear yet, but who cares!  RDJ is back as Iron Man!

It’s also stated for a while that Joss Whedon is not doing an Avenger 2 if RDJ is not on board as Iron Man.  Now he’s back, Avengers 2 is certain.

There’s still no plan for Iron Man 4, at least no with Downey.