Xbox One No Longer Require Internet, No Used Game Restrictions


Microsoft takes back everything that makes it a bad system.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One will no longer require internet to play offline games, and the need to check-in online every 24 hours has be lifted as well.  In fact, internet connection is not a requirement other than during the initial set up of the console.

Most importantly, Xbox One will no longer restrict used games, and players can do whatever they want with the game discs freely.  No more additional restrictions for trade-ins, or lending games between friends.  The system is also no longer be regional locked.  No surprise there, since Xbox One uses Blu-ray disc, and Blu-ray restriction is loosed.

While Microsoft representatives say that they’re thinking the best for their players, I called it bullshit.  Microsoft realizes that they made mistakes, but they don’t have the balls to own up to them.  While I’m looking down at Microsoft more than ever, it does successfully make me feel okay on pre-ordering a Xbox One.