Vandal Savage and Giganta Coming to New 52

DC revealed the images of Vandal Savage and Giganta for the world of New 52

We’ve already seen Vandal Savage before, but this will be the first time Giganta make an appearance in the world of New 52.  Both these characters will be appeaaring in the upcoming ongoing series: Trinity of Sin: Pandora.

Here’s what DC website has to say about Giganta:

“In her New 52 introduction, Giganta will have a new leading lady to tower over: Pandora,” writes writes DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. “As a member of the Secret Society, Giganta is adamant to retrieve Pandora’s infamous box. But why?”


Also, this is what they have to say about Vandal Savage:

“Joining Giganta on this ruthless quest is Vandal Savage,” adds Harras. “Like Pandora, Vandal is immortal – so it’s safe to assume that these two have crossed paths before. In fact, there’s quite a bit of history there. And when Vandal gets that eerie facial scar in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2, he’ll be sticking around the series long enough for you to find out just what that history is …”


Are you exited to see these two characters making appearances?