Justice League 3000 Confirmed for DC Comics


Justice League of the future!

DC has announced that a new ongoing series- Justice League 3000!  A 31st century versions of our favorite superheroes.

Designed by Howard Porter, the book will have future version of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash.  The story will take place 1000 years into the future from our current day superheroes, around the same time Legion of Superheroes takes place.

It’s unknown if these character are descendants of the original Justice League members, or simply newcomers taken the mantle of classic heroes.  It might even be some Legion members taken up new costumes as well.

Most importantly, this might be DC’s chance to introduce some classic characters to the world of New 52.  For example, this version of Flash has red head similar to Wally West.  Can this be DC’s way of introducing Wally West to the new world?  And can this Wonder Woman actually be Donna Troy?

We already have the solicitation of September, so the earliest we’re going to see this new series is October.  I really can’t wait.

Meanwhile, enjoy the concept arts done by Porter: