Peter Park Gets a Sister in Family Business Graphic Novel


Peter Parker has a sister?????

Family Business, a Marvel Original Graphic novel will introduce Peter Parker’s “apparent” sister.  The graphic novel will be written  by Mark Waid and James Robinson with arts by Gabriele Dell’otto.

According to USA today, “the Kingpin is organizing a large crime syndicate and it’s Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, who finds himself under attack. The ruthless supervillain has finally decided to expand his criminal empire on a global scale — if Spidey can’t stop him.

“But before Peter can figure out who’s after him, a mysterious woman in a convertible screeches to a halt in front of him, and she tells him she’s his long-lost sister, Teresa. The two of them never knew anything about each other, but Peter hops in the car anyway to get the bottom of the situation.”

“The story is moving at such a breakneck speed that there’s not much of a chance to catch a breath,” Waid told USA Today. “He has every reason to be skeptical about who this woman is and who she says she is.”

The writer describes her as “the anti-Peter.”

The story will also reportedly include new insight into Peter’s CIA parents, Richard and Mary Parker, and the circumstances of their deaths

“It seems very bizarre to him that Aunt May never mentioned anything about this woman, who’s about his age and the resemblance is there,” Waid added. “Peter wants to try to figure out what this mystery is all about but basically they’re running from a crime syndicate out to kill them both throughout the novel, so there’s not a whole lot of time for Spider-Man to sit and relax and slowly suss this out.

“It really is a focus on Peter drafted into the spy James Bond-ish, super-secret-agent life that his parents left.”

Waid goes on to describe Peter as most interesting when “he’s as ordinary as possible, except for the spider bite,” and while the writer says they don’t want to take away the “everyman aspect” of Peter by giving him too convoluted a backstory, he feels they have “successfully sidestepped this in this graphic novel.”

The story will not be part of main continuity, and we will see Peter Parker Spider-Man instead of Doc Ock.  “to make it a “a little more outside-audience friendly,” Waid explained.

“If most people are asked on the street who Spider-Man is, they may know Peter Parker. We dodge continuity that way to make it a little more timeless.”