CoroCoro Revealed New Information on Pokemon X & Y

Update 6-16-2013: English names and new trailer revealed!

  • Asame Town is now called “Vaniville Town.”
  • Tierunno is now called “Tierno.”
  • Toroba is now called “Trevor.”
  • Sana is now “Shauna.”
  • Callum is now “Calem.”
  • Serena stay the same.
  • Viola stays the same.
  • Pansy is now “Alexa.”
  • Hisko is now “Litleo.”
  • Furabebe is now “Flabebe.”
  • Kofukimushi is now “Scatterbug.” 
  • Kofurai is now “Spewpa.”


Original post follows:

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has just revealed new information on Pokemon X & Y.

*The names here are in Japanese.  This will be updated once the official English names are announced.

First off, four new Pokemons had been revealed.  They are:


Hisko, a Fire and Normal type known as the ‘”Young Lion” Pokemon.  I always complained that there’re not enough Fire type Pokemon, and it seems lie Game Freak heard my complains.


Furabebe, a Fairy type Pokemon known as the “Single Flower” Pokemon.  I’m surprise that it’s not Grass type as well.


Kofukimushi and Kofurai are the pre-evolved forms of the previously announced Vivillon.  Are these the Caterpie and Wurmple of this generation?

And for the first time, we’re introduced with new characters: Viola and Pansy:


Viola is the one with the camera, and she’s the first gym leader in the game who specialized Bug type Pokemon.

Pansy is Viola’s sister, and she’s a journalist.  She’s set to appear in the anime with a Gogoat on July 18th.

It’s said the story begins with the play moved to a town called “Asame Town” where the opposite gender rival will live next door to you.  Male called Callum, and female called Serena.

It’s also said that that three other trainer will start the journey at the same time as you: Tieruno, Toroba and Sana


Also, is that a Rhyhorn I see at the front door?