More Details of Pokemon X & Y

A special Pokemon press conferenct at E3 shows more details of the on the upcoming Pokemon X & Y.

It’s revealed that Gogoat is not the only Pokemon capable of being ridden.  It turns out that players can ride large Pokemons such as Rhyhorn as well.

The games will also feature a new communcating system  called the Player Search System (PSS).  It allows players to connect, battle and trade with other players locally or globally.  It can also be used to track friends, acquaintances and even passerby.  Players near each others will be passerby, and the relationship can be upgrade to acquaintances by interacting with each others.  You can then choose to add the person as a friend if you want to.


PSS friend list
PSS trading
PSS battle

There’s also an new ecounter mechnism called Horde Encounters.  It’s a random encounter where players have to fight up to five wild Pokemons at once.  It means that every time your Pokemon attacks, all the enemy party gets to fight back.  It’s a new, but difficult addition.



Another new battle system is call Sky Battles.  It’s a special battle that only limited to Flying type Pokemons, or ones that know Levitate.

Three more new Pokemons are announced as well:

494px-SkrelpSkrelp.  Poison and Water type Pokemon.

800px-ClauncherClauncher.  A Water type Pokemon.

787px-TalonflameTalonflame. A Fire and Flying type Pokemon.  He’s also the evolved form of Fletchling.

The game will have seven different languages to choose from: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.  The game is still single save file, and backward compatibility is “being work on.”

Man, I hope they figure it out quickly.  It would be the end of the world if all my Pokemons from the old games are going to waste.

When asked why the game is set in a stylized version of France, a Pokemon Company representative explained how the whole team admires the beauty of the country and wanted to express their admiration in a video game.

Pokemon X & Y launches worldwide on this October 12th.

Also, Nintendo has released another trailer.  Enjoy: