Mega Man Joins Super Smash Bros.


O M G!

The biggest news out of Nintendo Direct this morning is details of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles for Wii U and 3DS in 2014.  The game will feature new characters and Mega Man is finally making an appearance in the franchise!   Mega Man appeared in his classic “Blue Bomber” iteration, complete with Mega Buster, numerous Robot Master abilities and his trusty dog, Rush.

He was first said to make an appearance in the previous Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U, but Capcom was late on turning in the final design, and it was too late to put Mega Man in it.


The Villager, a typical Animal Crossing character, will be playable in this game as well.  He fights his enemies by digging pits to trap his enemies, and chopping down trees to damage them.  Of course, both these character will have stages to accompany their franchises- A Dr. Wily stage, and an Animal Crossing location.  Other stages included are the classic Battlefield, a train level from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Skyloft from Skyward Sword, Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess and a Nintendogs level.

A lot of classic characters will be returning are: Mario, Samus, Link, Fox, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Pit, Kirby, Bowser and Princess Peach.  Can’t wait to see who else will be returning.

It was rumored that the game will make significant changes, but it doesn’t seem like it so far.  The gameplay will have its core 2D mechanics, with 3D visuals far more superior than the previous games.  As of now, no official names have been given to the games yet.

Mega Man’s trailer below:

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