Apple iOS 7 Coming This Fall


iOS 7 is giving Apple devices a brand-new look!  Let’s see what they have in store–

As you can see from the image above, the newest iOS 7 is going to give our favorite devices a brand-new look.  However, what exactly is different in the new operation system?  Let’s take a look:


Flat.  The new app icons are a lot flatter now.  And all apps seem to have a white base and the keyboard is a lot whiter as well with translucency to let you see what’s beneath the keyboard.  The lock screen is changed for the first time in iOS’s history, with no more shine top or bottom bars for slide to unlock or the clock. Instead, Slide to unlock is translucent above the background image.

We’re going to get a Control Center at the lock screen, that also allows you to adjust brightness, volume. Wifi, Airplane mode, rotation lock and Bluetooth.  It even gives you quick-access to apps as well.


Safari is getting a face-lift as well.  Now Safari opens into full screen mode with the option to pull down the search bar at the top.  Tabs are different now too with scrolling in a vertical fashion with as many tabs as you want to open.  It seems like it’s going to take a long while to get used to it.

Safari tabs.  Way different than before
Safari tabs. Way different than before

The camera and photos are getting update as well.  The  Camera app lets you swipe between your various camera types, such as panorama or HDR so you can quickly take a pic instead of fumbling around with settings.  There camera is also going to come with photo filters for effects like Instagram.  You can also search within your photos app based on date, and location now.


The new Siri has a new voice and you can choose male or female voice, and with laguages such as French or German.   More languages will come over time.  Now you can also tell Siri to turn on settings such as Bluetooth or adjust screen brightness.  There will also have support of Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.

New Siri interface
New Siri interface

Apple also talks about iOS in the car that heavily depends on Siri, and it puts the iOS homescreen on the screen of your car, and lets you search for directions, listen to music, etc.

App Store is getting some update, too.  Now you can search apps that are popular in your neighborhood (I have no idea how this is useful at all), and now apps are automatically update in the background now (this is awesome).

One of the most exciting news is iTunes Radio.  It’s a Pandora-like-radio service that cycle through the entire iTunes catalog.  You create a station based on artis, and you can see the full list of songs in the station history, and purchase or preview songs from iTunes store.  iTunes Match users will get to use it ad-free, while other can use the app for free with few audio and text ads.


Finally, Apple announced a new feature called Activation Lock.  A feature for those who have had their devices stolen, and they can no longer tunr the device back on without your iCloud password.  Also, users can block messages and calls from others.  Completely protecting your devices from theft.

Again, Apple will release the new operation system this fall.  Let’s see how it turns out then.