Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps Boxset SDCC Exclusive


Hasbro has announced their SDCC 2013 exclusive-  Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps Boxset.

The set is based on the popular event Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth where Deadpool travel to different dimensions and find different versions of himself.  That’s include a female version of himself!  Eventually, Deadpool gathers all these versions of himself, and creates the infamous Deadpool Corps.

The members are Lady Deadpool, Headpool (a zombie head.  Only a head), Dogpool (a dog), Kidpool(a kid), Championpool  (Champion of the Universe) and Deadpool himself.

As of know, there’s no sign of Headpool is the set.  But if you look closely, Deadpool figure comes with an extra head…  Can it be?


The Hasbro figures are 3.75-inch tall, and come packaged in individual “taco shells,” all inside a collectible taco truck package!  The set will also come with a joke character Squirrelpool.  A squirrel who appears in a Thor cover once.

Like this
Like this

Anyway, the set will be $49.99, and it will only be available in Hasbro’s SDCC booth.  Following the convention, a limited number will be available on

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