Kaiyodo Capsule Q Characters Attack on Titan Figures

Update 6-07-2013: I told you the actual products are going to be in color.




Pretty cool, huh?

Original post follows:


Have you watched the anime series yet?  It’s really, really good.

Kaiyodo, the famous toy company, is releasing figures based on the hit anime series Attack on Titan this September under their Capsule Q Characters line.  These are capsule toys, and 400 yen (4 bucks) for a turn.

There will be 4 figures in this series:

  • Titan eating human
  • Eren facing the Colossal Titan
  • Mikasa in Titan’s palm
  • Titan Eren fighting another Titan.

No official pics yet, but there’re pics from a show earlier.  Don’t worry, the actual products will be in full color.

I have a feeling that these are just the first of the many Attack on Titan figures we’re going to see.





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