SDCC Friday the 13th Jason (1989 Video Game Appearance)

NECA announced their SDCC 2013 exclusive, and it’s a bizarre choice. The exclusive is Jason from Friday the 13th, but his appearance in the 1989 NES game.  The game is famous for being horrible, and lack of connection to the original franchise.  Other than the name Camp Crystal Lake and Jason himself, the game features bats, zombies and werewolves as enemies.  It’s has NOTHING to do with the movie, and the only payoff is to face off the killer monster himself at the end.

The game is really horrible, but it has a cult following.  Now that NECA decides to release figure based on the 8-bit version of Jason, it’s sure to be a hit in SDCC this year.

The figure will stand 7 inch tall with coloring based on the video game.  Limited to the 8-bit color, the character can only be in blue, purple color.  Better yet, the figure has glow-in-the-dark features.  While Jason’s mask, hands, and feet will glow with soft blue,  his included machete blade and axe will glow white.  The special packaging allows the feel of the classic 1989 video game packaging.

The figure will only be available at NECA’s booth at SDCC for $25.

Here’s a video NECA released to promote the figure:

Also a video to show just how horrible the game really is:









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