New Details on Xbox One Controller


New details on the upcoming Xbox one controller has just been revealed, thanks to Major Nelson.  In his blog, Nelson highlight some of the details of the upcoming features of Xbox One controller. 

It turns out that the the Xbox One controller is a revolutionary technology, and it’s intent to improve gameplay experience.  The controller uses  invisible reflective technology to communicate with the console and Kinect.  The coolest things is that Kinect can pair the controller with the person holding it, so when couple of friends are play, the console will position the split-scree based on where the players are sitting.

Due to an improved data transfer rate between the console and the controller, the audio quality on the headset will be clearer than ever.  It’s also said that it will be in better quality than a telephone call.

The new controller will also have low power state to conserve the battery power.  It means that when you’re watching movie, or away from the console, the battery will not be draining.

Of course, the new controller also features a lot of improvements on the buttons.  Including closer A, B, X and Y buttons for better movements, and improved D-Pad for more accurate gameplay.

We are for sure to hear more at E3 next week.