Mega Man 25th Anniversary Rush Tissue Box


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man franchise, Capcom is releasing Rush Tissue Box.

First appear in Mega Man 3,  Rush is the trusty sidekick of Mega Man and he comes in handy in various situations by transforming into a coil, a hoverboard, and a submarine.

Now that he’s a tissue box, you can guarantee he’s will protect your tissues, since he’s such a loyal sidekick.



Also, Capcom has released Mega Man Mega Buster & Helmet Plushies to celebrate the 25th anniversary as well.


The helmet and bluster are one-size fits all.  It’s a great chance for those who wants to be Mega Man.



You can check this out either at American Capcom Store, or Japanese e-Capcom shop.

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