DC Villain Month: Forever Evil Coming This September


DC has officially announced what we’ve been expecting for moths: DC is having a special Villain Month this September to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The New 52.

Here’s what we learned: The upcoming Justice League titles crossover story Trinity War will lead to the first all-universe crossover even of the New 52- Forever Evil.

Forever Evil, a seven-issue-mini-series, will launch this September during the Villain Month.  Along with Forever Evil, there will be series re-titling “.1” of the regular ongoing series.  For example Justice League issue 23.1 will also be Darkseid #1.  Other than Forever Evil, there will also be 3 five-issue-min-series launching in October to support the event.

Darkseid #1
Darkseid #1

The 3 mini series launching in October are: Forever Evil: Roguescomes from Brian Buccellato and Patrick Zircher, and stars, of course, The Flash’s Rogues, led by Captain Cold. Forever Evil: Arkham War by Peter Tomasi and Scot Eaton is “The biggest story with Bat-villains you’ve ever seen,” promises DC ‘s Geoff Johns.  Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. by Matt Kindt features the government agency coming under fire as Steve Trevor starts to find out they’ve been doing some less-than-heroic deeds. “If A.R.G.U.S. has a chance of rising above what it is right now and becoming a heroic force in the future, it’s up to Steve Trevor,” Johns teased.

The star of the event will be Lex Luther, as he has something big planted for the entire DC Universe.  Also, Johns is promising Catwoman a starring role in the event, despite of her appear death in the recent Justice League of America issue.

DC originally led us to believe that Trinity War will be a stand-alone mini series, but it turns out to be an event crossing over Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark.  This will be the first actual whole universe event since Flashpoint, which is an important even that ends the old DC Universe and starts the New 52 back in September 2011.

DC’s Dan DiDio also states that while there won’t be new villains introduce in Villain Month, there will be some villains we haven’t seen in new 52 yet.  These include Cyborg Superman, and The Creeper.  There will be 52 villain titles in September, despite some recent cancellations bringing the “New 52” below the 52 monthly total. DiDio also said, “We have fifty-two titles right now, and it’s not a villain to match every title,” meaning some Villain books could be stand-alone #1s – and also that enough new books are launching to bring the number back to 52.

Cyborg Superman #1
Cyborg Superman #1

It’s unknown as of now if those stand-alone #1s will be on-going series or not.

They also say that every Villain cover will be a 3D lenticular cover, the sort of hologram you can tilt to see a limited 5-10 frames of motion.  “It’s called a 3D motion cover and it’s essentially artwork that’s been separated onto different layers, so when you hold the cover, which is a premium stock cover, and you slightly rotate the comic book left or right or up and down, the images move a bit,” Jim Lee explained. “They’re amazing covers. It’s an effect that you haven’t seen before, and like Dan said, it’s an entire cover. Any time in the past that they’ve done specialty covers, you would only get like a small trading card size image on the cover that was a hologram or lenticular bit of technology. This is the whole cover and it is amazing. The colors and the depth of field allows you to actually see the logo of the new book. Let’s say the Joker is taking over, it’ll be the Batman title in the background, and you’ll see the Joker title splattered on top of the Batman logo itself. It really sells the concept in a very visual way.”

Well, there’s enoguh introduction.  Let’s see who’s going to make an appearance so far:

  •  Bizarro takes over Superman
  • Poison Ivy takes over Detective Comics
  • Grodd takes over The Flash
  • Cyborg Superman takes over Action Comics
  • Relic takes over Green Lantern
  • Ventriloquist takes over Batman: The Dark Knight ( this is bizarre, because she’s been showing up in Batgirl.)
  • Darkseid takes over Justice League
  • The Creeper takes over Justice League Dark
  • Desaad takes over Earth 2 (this is really bizarre because it’s shown Power Girl and Huntress on the cover- they’re not in Earth 2 anymore.)
  • Two-Face takes over Batman and Robin.


One villain specifically mentioned as not making the cut was Bat-villain Hush, though DiDio said “we have such big plans” for him “down the line.”

Are you excited for the  Villain Month?  Which villains do you want to see making appearances?

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