The Walking Dead POP! Series 3

Update 5-30-2013: Another update!  Hopefully this will be the last one:

Daryl Dixon Poncho Version
Daryl Dixon Poncho Version

Yeah, wasn’t expecting this one.  But hey, it’s a pretty cool vinyl for all The Walking Dead fans to collect.

Update 5-28-2013: I just found the product image of #67-  Prison Yard Rick Grimes:

Prison Yard Rick Grimes

Looks pretty cool, huh?

Original post follows:


New The Walking Dead POP! vinyls are here!

Hurrah!  Funko is releasing the newest  wave of POP! vinyls based on the popular The Walking Dead TV series.  The set comes with five figures, and here are the pics:

The Governor
Prison Guard Walker
Prison Guard Walker
Merle Dixon
Merle Dixon
The Governor with Bloody Gauze Eye Patch
The Governor with Bloody Gauze Eye Patch
Merle Dixon Walker Version

If you pay attention, you will notice that #67 is missing.  I’m pretty sure that’s the Prison Yard Rick Grimes:


It’s unknown why Funko hasn’t show us the product image of this figure yet, but I will be sure to update when the product image becomes available.

Like all POP! vinyls, it will be $9.99 a piece, and they will be available in August.