Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Now Available on iPad


10 years after the game’s first release on Xbox, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic finally makes its way to iPad today.

Developed by BioWare, KOTOR is one of the best Star Wars game ever.  In fact, it’s might be one of the best RPG game ever existed.  The game has a great, compelling story, and wonderful re-play values.

To be honest, my first ever Xbox game was KOTOR, so this game has a deep meaning for me.  Before this, my only console games are N64, and I didn’t really fall in love with gaming until this game.

IGN has reviewed the iPad game already, and they love it.  I’m seeing the iPad port as a sign of possible KOTOR sequel in the near future, especially that Disney just recently take control of LucasArts.

You can download the game at app store for $9.99.  It’s about 2 GB big, so be careful as you download it.