Luigi Themed 3DS XL Officially Dated


The year of Luigi continues.

Nintendo is releasing a very special Luigi themed 3DS XL along with the upcoming Mario and Luigi: Dream Team game coming July 18th.

As of now, the handheld is only available in Japan, and it will be available for 22,800 yen (about 250 bucks).  The bundle comes with an SD card with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team game.

Hopefully this handheld will make its way to America.  This will be a great way for US fans to celebrate the year of Luigi.

One Reply to “Luigi Themed 3DS XL Officially Dated”

  1. it’s great that the Eternal Second Banana plumber gets some recognition, but the wallpaper-like “gazillion Luigis” pattern isn’t quite my thing. okay, maybe not a gazillion, but moar like roughly 24 count.