Rilakkuma Anniversary Sweets Blind Box



Happy 10 years Rilakkuma! 

It’s the 10 years anniversary of Rilakkuma!   Can you believe this adorable franchise has been with us for 10 years already?  Anyway, to celebrate the event, they’re releasing Rilakkuma cell phone charms in appearances of various sweets.

There are going to be 10 different charms in this set, and they can also be used as dust cap for cell phones as well.  This is a very cute, and wonderful set for every Rilakkuma fans to collect.

The charms will be released in July, and a whole box of 10 will be 2,200 yen (about $25) and a single box will be 280 yen ($2~$3)

The ten sweets are:

Waffle Sandwich, Cupcake
Cream donuts, Raspberry Tart
Milk Candy, Strawberry Tart
Chocolate Roll, Pudding Cup
Cream Puff, Cocoa Donuts


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