Quicksilver to Join Days of Future Past

Update 5-24-2013: HitFix states: “we’re going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we’ll get two totally different versions of one character. While (Fox and Marvel) may act like things are amicable in public, HitFix sources say otherwise.” They add, “The way the arrangement works, Marvel Studios cannot refer to the character as a ‘mutant,’ and they can’t mention Magneto at all. Likewise, Fox can’t make any reference to The Avengers in their film.  That means they’ll have to either explain his powers in a different way in The Avengers 2, or they’ll just have to make no mention of his origin at all.”

Also, HitFix claims that the only reason director Bryan Singer adds Quicksilver so late in the game is because he finds an action sequence that would only work for Quicksilver.

Well, I call bullshit.  I think this is basically Fox’s way to hurt Quicksilver’s chance of being in Avengers 2.  Fox is not happy with the news that Joss Whedon is adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the upcoming movie, so they decide to sabotage it.

While Days of Future Past plans to use Quicksilver in one action sequence, Marvel reports that they have bigger plans for the character, and want to use him for more than one action sequences.

Fans all over the net is not happy with the news either.  They think that there are already too many characters in Days of Future Past, and it’s going to be like X-Men: Last Stand where each characters only make a brief appearance., while Joss Whedon is going to make them solid characters.


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Well, isn’t this interesting…

Quicksilver is confirmed to make appearances in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.  It’s interesting because the character, along with his sister Scarlet Witch, were just confirmed to make appearances in the upcoming Avengers 2 movie as well.

Director Bryan Singer tweeted this in his account:

“Before he was an #Avenger, he was just a REALLY fast kid. Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver.”

It seems like Fox and Marvel Studios come to an agreement.  While Fox gets to use a younger version of the character, and Marvel Studios will use the more adult, mature version of the character.

For more information on why this is such a big issue, read my previous post here.