Xbox One Revealed


The Xbox Reveal show from this morning reveals a lot about the the upcoming console.  The next-gen console is going to be called: the Xbox One.

The system will come 8 GB of RAM, 8 core CPU and 500 GB of hard drive.  A Blu-ray drive (finally!) HDMI Ports, 3.0 USB and 802.11n  wirelss.  Also, a new version of Kinect will package with the console.

The system is no backward compatible, and the console doesn’t require constant internet connection.


At the same time, the event also revels a lot of new of different games such as Call of Duty: Ghost and Steven Spielberg’s involvement in the upcoming Halo live action TV series.  Personally, I think the best news for me is Remedy’s upcoming project  Quantum Break.

While the game is not Alan Wake 2, the game is rally cool looking and I’m really looking forward to this one.

I will update the site with further information when necessary.

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